Refuge in Kajiado

Project Location : Kajiado, Kenya
The proposed Waiting Wombs campus in Kajiado, Kenya provides a temporary shelter to women who are ostracized by their families due to their inability to bear children. To sustain its operations and con- tribute a solution to increasing food insecurity and human wildlife conflict in the region, the campus houses a vertical farm. The farm provides income and contributes food for the women and the commu- nity at large. It further provides feed for livestock animals in the region.

Waiting Wombs Trust (WWT) is a Kenyan Public Benefit Organiza- tion (PBO) that works to create awareness, provide support and mo- bilization of families who for varied reasons have experiences of childlessness or have walked the child waiting period in their mar- riage. The organization was conceptualized and initiated in March 2017 by a couple directly affected by childlessness and infertility.