Multi - Generational family house 01

Location : Steveston, British Columbia

Status : In - progress

Concept sketch - Southern facade as a composition of a series of rooms from the entrance to the kitchen, dinning area, the private courtyard and the bedrooms havesting the southern light with use of clerestory windows.

Concept sketch - Eastern facade as a identinty from the drive way. This moment mediates between the young couples entrance and the in-laws entrance to the left. 

Concept sketch - Northern facade. The in-laws covered entrace area pulled into the center of the building through the landscape using a gentle ramp to navigate the topography. Buffering the entrance area from the living area is a cut out courtyard on the groundfloor which creates a seamless connection between the Japanese style garben and the interior living space. The inteded green roof slows down run-off in the commonly wet Vancouver climate and redirects it into its green spaces for absorbtion. The bedrooms from the young couples 4 bedroom unit cantilever over the entrance ramp.