The photograph below was taken from my bedroom window, looking into the p7 courtyard my two flat mates and I were tasked with keeping it activated with community projects. Tempo Riuso, a local activist group and cultural researchers with members such as local architect and professor Isabella Inti effectively had us three students legally occupy the abandoned palacina (mini mansion) in efforts to re activate this black spot in the eastern corner of Milan.

The period during the global pandemic has been conducive to meditating on the what values to reinforce and what to seek. One experience after another, one is often exposed to numerous approaches and philosophies that seem to be in disagreement between each other. Who to believe and what to follow is therefore the most arduous task above any theoretical subjects: what are young architects supposed to be constructing or not constructing in the future, and what is the “correct” way of progress. The photograph intensifies my instinct to reinforce community fostering values.

The body of work on this website is an effort into constantly question myself and my role in society and how useful I can be, understanding when to agree or disagree with the status quo.